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SmartReading Advanced

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Reading more visually is possible with SmartReading because of NLP.

SmartReading is based on NLP, which stands for neuro-linguistic programming. NLP is the study of human behavior. If you understand NLP, it is possible to create the best possible neural pathways in line with your outcome. Neural pathways transmit information inside the brain. So with smartrReading parts of the brain will work better together. We have more than 25 years of experience in NLP and managed to make a training called SmartReading, which teaches you to create neural pathways for the best outcome in reading and studying.

You might be under the impression that by reading faster, you will actually understand less of the content. When you read a few chapters and put the book aside: do you have the feeling that the time you have invested in reading the book does not make up for what you get out of it? Perhaps you just struggle to find the time to read at all? Did it frustrate you that you failed to concentrate enough while reading the book due to all the distractions around you?

Not to worry. This SmartReading training offers you insights, techniques, and exercises that will help you concentrate and read super fast. Super fast by reading paragraphs visually; your ‘internal dialogue’ will not distract you, your concentration level will be higher and you will learn not to jump back and forth in the texts over and over again. Because everything is assimilated visually, it is easier to make connections within the text and to remember what you need by using mind maps. It is like watching a movie. When you see a movie you remember easier because the information is stored visually.

SmartReading has a very positive effect on dyslexia!

Also, dyslexic people experience great benefits by using the Smart method of reading. The new automatization with the new neuro pathways creates a fluent way of reading.

In the traditional way you first see the words in your book then you read this word “out loud in your head” and then you know the meaning. A big struggle for dyslectic people.




When you read with the smart method you see the words and have the meaning of the words and even a sentence immediately. In this way, you won’t even mix up letters or words anymore.



What are the benefits?

Time efficiency

you will acquire new techniques that will greatly improve your reading efficiency, which makes for a huge time-saver and a better way to process different kinds of information.

Improves your memory

SmartReading will help you remember things naturally. During the training, you will learn techniques that increase the use of your (long term and short term) memory by approximately 30%

Study efficiently

Studying becomes fun! With your visual reading center activated you read faster due to the reduction of your internal dialogue. This will increase your concentration and you will remember more.

Goal orientated

Throughout the training, you will notice this approach is far more effective and suits the natural functioning of the brain much better. When you read, you read. When you analyze, that’s all you do and when you memorize things, your mind is fully focused on remembering things. Reading will become much more relaxed and like watching a movie for you.


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Increase Your Employee’s Productivity

Since 1991, we have been helping organizations work more efficiently. We often hear that due to the SmartReading course, employee costs were greatly reduced. Do the maths right now and see for yourself that SmartReading is definitely worthwhile!

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What will you learn

Reading in a visual way
Turbo reading
Greatly improve your reading efficiency
Better way to process different kinds of information
Making summaries using mindmaps
Remember things better and more naturally
Techniques to increase the use of your long term memory
Reduction of your internal dialogue
Increasing of your concentration
Reading in a midfull way


In normal ‘soft skill’ trainings, the trainer presents a concept, insights and best practice, which he thinks will be useful for the group. During the SmartReading Training, the trainer encourages the participants to actively collect, process and remember knowledge in order to grow and excel in their performances.

During the first two days all team members will read their chosen 250-page theme book in 2½ hours.

A high ROI.
Guaranteed increase in involvement and active participation during the learning process.

Time allocation

The training lasts three days starting with two consecutive days, and the third day after about 3 weeks.
A day lasts from 09:30am to 05:00pm, with three breaks for: coffee, lunch and tea.

Day 1

Introduction and setting goals
Reading test. How fast do you read?
Memory and how memorizing can be done differently
Internal dialogue drastically reduced
Activation of visual readingl
Visualization of your learning goals.

Day 2

SmartReading process
Visual reading without being distracted
Establish targets
Transform beliefs and blockages
Mindmap of your first book
Book review of the 1st theme book.

Day 3

SmartReading Process Refined
Advanced form of mind mapping
Book discussion of the theme books in subgroups
advanced study tips.

Private Study

Your homework will be to read three theme study books using the Smart method. In order to read these books effectively, they need to be 250 pages each and you are only allowed to spend 2½ hours reading per book.



Elements of the training

Reading your first theme study book with total focus at day two
Activating your Reading Centre and read Visually
Reading from several lines to one paragraph at once
Dealing with graphs while turbo reading
Concentration & memory techniques
Making summaries & Mind mapping
Eliminating reading blockages
Redirecting beliefs while reading
Eliminating unnecessary reading strategies
Advanced memory techniques
Scanning books
Study tips

Duration of the training

The training lasts three days starting with two consecutive days, and the third day after about 3 weeks.
A day lasts from 09:30am to 05:00pm, with three breaks for: coffee, lunch and tea.


Investment per person R 4 595.00 ex Vat

What you receive:

Rapid High Return Of Investment
Knowledge & skills mastered quickly
Confident practical application
Suitable for any kind of information
Exceptional focused approach
Cost saving compared to other trainings
Enrichment for each other thanks to team discussions
Special teambuilding
Profound analysis and establishing links and connections
Applicable for each individual learning style


SmartReading Advanced


ETC (Eastcape Training Centre)
Spondo St, Struandale, Port Elizabeth

Lilandi -
Cell +27 76 903 5801
Office - +2741 3683054

Number of participants



Investment per person R 4 595.00 ex Vat

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Duration and time

The training lasts three days starting with two consecutive days, and the third day after about 3 to 4 weeks.
A day lasts from 09:30am to 05:00pm, with three breaks for: coffee, lunch and tea.